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Dark Room / Viewing

Includes: medical computer interfaces, x-ray film duplicators and copies, id printers and cards, carts, viewboxes/illuminators,film bins, safe lights and door lights


Filing Systems

Includes: wall & floor racks, portfolio carriers, organizers, data & printout carriers, storage boxes, film jackets, labels, mammo jackets, category inserts, negative preservers, mailers and cabinets


Fusion Furniture

Includes: carts, ergonomic desks, wall units, workstations, carts, supports, chairs and carriers


General Accessories

Includes: cassette/dr plate holders, covers, cases, signs, guides, badges, stools, step stools and simple exam lamps


Lighting and Magnifiers

Includes: surgical lighting, exam lights and magnifiers



Includes: x-ray markers of different styles and personalization options.


Patient Handling

Includes: positioning wedges & blocks, sandbags & sandsocks, table pads, transfer boards, CT radiation dose reduction device, positioning aids, disposable caps & gowns, disposables, cleaners


Protective Apparel

Includes: one-piece, vests, skirts/kilts, specialty aprons, thyroid collars, gloves, racks, eye protection, embroidery options

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