Picture Archival and Communication Systems (PACS)

Every office with a digital x-ray system eventually needs some type of PACS. Even when a digital system comes with a mini PACS, it's only a matter of time until the disk space reaches capacity or the software becomes overextended. Hence, we have offer a full line of PACS options, ranging from local PACS systems, housed internally on servers, to Cloud PACS systems that allow for worldwide access. All our PACS options allow for seamless storage, distribution and viewing, all starting at very affordable prices.

Take a gander at the PACS options listed below and let us know how we can assist you.





The Cloud PACS System delivers both computing and storage power over the Internet. Our solution provides tools for radiology, cardiology, orthopedics and other specialties throughout your enterprise, allowing your facility to deliver cost-effective and improved patient care.

This true cloud solution for PACS is far beyond the standard offering because it not only provides practically infinite storage space and off-site back-up, it offers increased computing power that allows you to view and manipulate hundreds of large images using any computer and even hand-held mobile devices like smartphones, the iPad and Android tablets.

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Local PACS System


A robust, feature-rich PACS system perfect for private practice.   

The Local PACS System allows users to acquire, archive, view, distribute and manage DICOM images within the four walls of their practice by using a Local Area Network (LAN).  The system can include anywhere from 2 - 20 concurrent DICOM Viewer Licenses to be utilized throughout the practice.  Unlike many competing PACS solutions, our DICOM viewers are diagnostic quality and not only allow users to access & distribute images as well as making annotations and study notes, but changes are saved back to the archive. 

Product Highlights

  • Customize the amount of  diagnostic-quality DICOM viewer licenses for your workstations, each one providing easy access to high-quality grayscale images for wet reads or remote consultations.
  • Integrated DICOM viewer at the PACS station for image review.
  • Image routing tools to distribute images only to the users who need to see them. 
  • Disaster recover utility to back up the archive to an external hard drive for off-site backup. 
  • Sortable worklist allows users to access studies by clicking any displayed field; i.e. patient name, patient ID, study date, etc.
  • Comprehensive toolkit permits physicians to precisely adjust images, ensuring confidence in their assessment and recommendations.
  • Advanced features include cross-sectional image stacking, cine viewing, and side-by-side single monitor viewing for comparing multiple studies.
  • Single Modality Type Connection for CR/DR Standard.  One additional modality type connection is available optionally.
  • Options include Modality Work List (MWL), DICOM Mail and Teleradiology.

 Minimum hardware requirement:

  • 500GB RAID1 server with Intel Processor 1.8 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 16X DVD+/-RW, Video Display Driver Card, 10/100/1000 BaseT Network Interface Card, Windows XP Professional or Windows Server 2008 32-bit Standard Edition

Single DICOM Viewers

  • Automatic Alignment
  • Study Comparison (new/old)
  • Playback (multi-Frame)
  • Customizable Mouse Buttons
  • DICOM Print (Upgradable Option)
  • Chiropractic Tools (Upgradable Option)
  • E-Templating (Upgradable Option)
  • Auto Calibration (Upgradable Option)

Not looking for a full PACS right now but you still wish to view your x-rays on another computer aside from your Acquisition Station (the place you initially acquire your x-rays via CR or DR)? A single DICOM Viewer might be a great fit for you.

The viewer allows for you to automatically or manually send your x-rays from your Acquisition Station to a distant computer within your network. Some highlights of the viewer:

  • DICOM Send
  • JPEG Image Exporting
  • Windows Print
  • Line Measurements
  • Angle Measurements (Cobb)
  • Scout Line/Reference Lines
  • Free Draw
  • Multi Planner Reconstruction MPR
  • KIN (key image note)
  • GSPS
  • Bit Map Overlay

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