Computed Radiography (CR)

Offering superb image quality at a fraction of the cost of most DR panel systems, many practices will choose a CR unit for their x-ray imaging needs. Computed Radiography utilizes a phosphor imaging plate, similar in function to a traditional film cassette. The imaging plate is simply exposed, then fed into the CR unit where it is scanned, and then erased in preparation for the next exposure. Once the image is acquired off the imaging plate, the DICOM image resides digitally for user-friendly manipulation and study.

A CR system usually does not require any upgrades with your working x-ray room. If you are transitioning from film processing, the CR will easily fit into the space occupied by the current x-ray processor. Also, a CR also has the advantage of being easily serviceable in the field, meaning that repairs are often quick and affordable.

Whether you are a small practice looking to upgrade or a hospital system looking for a robust and cost-effective solution, check out our various CRs below. And if you do not see what you are looking for, we almost certainly can get it; just contact us.

Vita XE System [Carestream]

  • A time-tested, hospital-grade CR, this system comes standard at a speed of 65 plates per hour (pph).
  • Ideal for all types of offices, ranging from clinics to bustling orthopedic practices, the Vita XE comes with two cassettes (either 14x17 or 10x12) with the option to add additional cassettes (8x10 is also available).
  • A durable, compact, and lightweight system, the Vita XE CR captures high-quality x-rays of any body part with minimal steps for scanning, processing & imaging quality assurance.
  • Affordable package features a single-plate CR Reader, CR flexible phosphor screens (also called image plates), advanced image management software and a PC-based review station.
  • All imaging parameters are optimized, resulting in digital images that can be enhanced, enlarged, duplicated, and sent to any location in seconds as a DICOM 3.0 file with no loss of resolution. Images also can be printed or archived locally on CDs or DVDs
  • Mounted on an optional wheeled CR cart, placed on a tabletop or installed in a mobile vehicle, the Vita XE system can be used in virtually any location.

iCR3600 [iCRco]

  • The iCR3600 offers our patented True Flat Scan Path™ technology for exceptional CR image quality, high throughput (up to 94 images/hour), & low cost of ownership.
  • Ideal for private practice offices and imaging clinics, the iCR3600 will innovate your CR imaging workflow.
  • Available also in the Small Format (SF) model (for offices only needing 10x12 or 8x10 cassettes), and the Mammography (M) model for high-quality imaging needed for effective mammography. 
  • The iCR3600 is the true meaning of an integrated CR solution. It is paired with the superior image processing software Clarity Captera™. With the robust and feature rich Clarity Captera, you get superior quality images every time with an option to further manipulate the images to the physician’s preference.
  • Backed by a two year guarantee and is the true complete CR solution for your practice.
  • Although computed radiography (CR) technology has been widely accepted, other major manufacturers follow the same pattern of removing the costly phosphor plates and running them through rollers in their CR readers. iCRco has reinvented how CR technology works with True Flat Scan Path. This technology ensures the phosphor plate never leaves the cassette to avoid any plate handling, damage or wear during the scan process.

Optima CR [Fuji]

  • This CR can process up to 34 images per hour and its small size makes it ideal for small exam rooms or offices where space is limited
  • This CR is capable of producing high resolution (50 micron) scans for 18x24cm and 24x30cm sizes, making it ideal for orthopedic and extremity applications where seeing fine detail is critical.
  • This CR serves as a great redundancy solution, particularly during busy periods
  • Perfect for small to medium volume practices

Agfa CR

  • The Agfa CR offers an ideal solution for any private or decentralized CR environment, as it uses proven technologies to ensure uncompromising and consistent image quality as well as extremely simple installation, use and maintenance.

  • At 35 or 60 plates per hour, this high-end versatile CR reader with acquisition software includes a DICOM viewer and provides seamless integration.    

  • Fits all imaging environments, supports DICOM modality worklist and has a simple interface for navigating, acquiring and viewing images

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