Veterinary Solutions

Vieworks 17x17 Fixed Wired DR Panel

  • A Vieworks’s flat panel digital radiography system with a large field coverage area of 17”x17” designed for general radiographic application using its unique image processing system and proprietary flat panel detector.
  • The active 9.4 Mega-pixels system ensure superior image quality for today’s high standards for precise diagnosis performance by the Vieworks digital radiographic flat panel detector technology.
  • Can be used without any connections to the X-ray generator with our patented AED (Automatic Exposure Detection) circuit included on all Vieworks flat panel detector series. In this way the DR panel works just like CR or film as it is triggered by the radiation and not by a generator interface connection.
  • User friendly imaging software (Model: VXvue) with DICOM 3.0 standard provides consistent image quality at a dramatically reduced dose and faster image information with optimized algorithms for each different study. Image can be simply acquired and transmitted to the DICOM server through Gigabit Ethernet in seconds.
  • Can be installed in a single, dual or multiple detector-configurations depending on the required applications.

InnoVet Versa X-ray System 

Can be used with analog, CR systems or DR Panels

Can be used with analog, CR systems or DR Panels

  • Versa is the premiere x-ray system for a practice that is currently using/buying a digital solution, or plans on upgrading to digital imaging in the future.
  • The broad table design and high-frequency generator can accommodate almost any DICOM compliant digital receptor. So no additional space is required.
  • Versa also comes with an easy-to-use cassette tray that fits a range of cassettes and cassette-sized DR panels. 
  • The unique collimator is easy to operate with gloved hands and meets the Federal radiation leakage requirement for human applications.
  • The x-ray tube can be lowered to table height and turned a full 90 degrees for standing lateral exams.
  • The x-ray tube & cassette tray move in tandem across the entire length of the table so you can adjust the central ray, not the patient.

Under construction: more to come!