Looking to streamline your NJ Quality Assurance Program?

Have a CR or DR? We'll take the burden off your shoulders by doing all of your quarterly tests for as little as $600/year ($150/quarter), including travel! 
We'll take care of pretty much everything in 4 visits done every 3 months (excludes Repeat Analysis and Physicians Report). Contact us here to ask questions or sign-up.

Have an analog film processor? We offer a great program that pairs with regular processor PMs. 
Depending on how often you have us come out (every 4, 6 or 8 weeks), we can do your PMs and much of your Quality Assurance for as little as $75 a PM! 
Download this document for more information. When completed, simply email (billwalsh@independentimaging.org) or fax it (856-764-9745) back to us.